Equine massage

As these techniques were modified by me to work specifically with the horses, I have taken safety into consideration, along with the equine anatomy to make the most of each form of massage.

The massage and VR courses are totally different courses and although the two techniques go hand in hand very well, they are still separate courses. Equine Massage Therapy Equine Massage Therapy Procedures Equine massage therapy was developed to aid horses, akin to the same procedure used to alleviate physical issues in humans.

Equine and Canine massage therapy diploma courses. Bancroft School of Massage Therapy Massachusetts. The homework also includes muscles, bones and massage terminology.

Equissage Pulse

Lymphatic drainage is the specific technique used for any swelling reduction and is covered in this course. I learned all the needed skills to be a successful equine massage therapist from this course, but learned many life skills in the process. Who takes this course?

They offer a virtual tour of the Equine massage and facility on their website!

Meredith Manor International Equestrian Centre

Emily Stankey There are few times in our Equine massage that we feel we have found your niche in life, this program was it for me. The aim of the certificate in equine sports massage is to provide those wanting to become therapists, or those who just want to gain more skills in equine massage, with the latest tools and techniques of the trade, as well as essential anatomical and evaluational knowledge and skills.

Classes on site or by correspondence. Below is a list of organizations that have accepted this program, along with the CEU rating. He has used this treatment to improve performance on over a thousand horses!

No, the facilities I book already have the required number of horses, so you do not need to bring your horse. Additionally they must abide to a standards of practice policy.

Equine Massage Therapy Certification

How much hands-on time is there in this course? These accidents can expose you and your practice to potential financial or liability problems and in some cases can lead to lawsuits.

This is turn will increase local blood supply and lymphatic drainage, and help improve joint mobility. A lunch A hat and sunscreen for working outside — weather permitting Fly spray in the summer is a good idea for yourself A cushion to sit on as I provide stools and they can get quite uncomfortable A more comfortable chair — the collapsible chairs are quite popular Steel toed footwear is not mandatory — but highly recommended Weather smart clothing — shorts are not a good idea Please be sure to be up to date with your tetanus shot.

I had been toiling with the idea of learning sports massage over the last couple of years but the courses offered required flying to another state or only run in WA every so often. This is the cornerstone of muscle extensibility, without which the horse cannot reach its full potential. The Hand Unit massage is also beneficial for bleeding and breathing problems, and should always be used in conjunction with the Back Pad.

Please do sign up early if you have decided to take this course so you can have lots of time to study! Extra precautions should be taken: It is used in treatment of specific maladies such as Equine Exertional Rhabdomyolysis.

At times I have allowed 15 year old students to take the course, but they must at some point: Scroll to the course location you are interested in attending, then click on the location.

Equine Massage Tips

I do not feel that massage can be learned from a book — the nuances are easily missed. Yes, I highly recommend a couple of books: If I take both the massage and VR courses, do I receive a discount?As an approved training provider, we are the leading and longest established school of holistic equine therapy courses in the UK with global recognition.

Specialising in Remedial & Rehabilitation, Advanced Training in Equine Massage Therapy, Equine Myofascia Release, Craniosacral, Equine Energy Healing, CPD Workshops. NBCAAM Animal Acupressure & Massage Practitioners have passed a standardized national certification exam and are offering their services in the United States and Canada!

Hello and welcome to Equine Holistic Training and Therapy, founded in by Jilly Tanton. We are an approved and registered training provider and pride ourselves on being the leading and longest established holistic equine therapy school in the UK.

Would you like a rewarding and profitable career as an Equine Massage & Body Work Therapist? There is no better time than the present, to make the decision to go to school. Equine Therapy - Chiropractic Adjustment Massage Acupressure Reiki Alpha-Stim Saddle Fitting.

Equissage is an Approved Provider with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage Bodyworkers (NCBTMB) to offer 50 hours of Continuing Education units through any of our programs.

Equine massage
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