Genocide in syria

Beyond significant national security concerns and strategic interests, the U. Given Genocide in syria magnitude and urgency of the humanitarian crisis, the U. It first discusses non-judicial options currently on the table. The negotiations over chemical weapons needs to coupled with a cease-fire to indicate good faith negotiations.

In Monsoria, one of these villages, Assyrian women reportedly jumped into the Tigris River to prevent their capture by the Kurds. Against their will were forced into Islam's harems.

Further complicating peace efforts, the opposition remains deeply divided beyond their common enemy in the Assad regime. Many others had already left for northern Iraq after the Russian withdrawal and collapse of Armenian lines.

The Alawites from the Sunni-majority regions of Homs and Hama felt excluded from the centers of power, which were in the hands of well-connected officials from the Alawite-majority coastal region. Clinton almost presided over a third genocide, in Kosovo, against Kosovar Albanian Muslims and Christians.

Their resistance lasted 60 days, and ended in success. March was 'conflict's deadliest month' BBC 1 April More than 6, people died in Syria in March, the deadliest month since protests against the government began two years ago, activists say.

Escalation of the violence on the ground and sectarian violence spreading across to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, or elsewhere.

However the Arab League opposes this action because al- Assad continues to receive military supplies from Iran and Russia.

According to a network of local Syrian activists, air strikes have killed more than 4, civilians across Syria since July Appeals for international aid have increased as the UN refugee agency UNHCR in September estimated that over 4 million Syrians were now refugees, up from around 3 million just one year before.

Last year, speaking about the Middle East, Pope Francis said: Estimates vary widely as to the numbers of extremist elements making up the opposition, but their forces have been cited as among the most effective in combating the Assad regime, further complicating the crisis and opening worries about what a post-Assad Syria might look like.

Commission of Inquiry on Syria has cited abuses on both sides, their report in February held that government atrocities far outweighed those committed by rebels. The crisis has grown to a regional crisis with severe implications for global peace and security.

Civilian Kurds run for their life in fear of the extreme Islamists, who have declared fatwas religious statements against the killing of Kurds, as they regard them as Kufar.

So where is the moral outrage? The past six days saw some 3, members of security forces attack the area, with at least of the dead known to be civilians and members of the rebel Free Syrian Army, reports said.

A report commissioned by the UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry CoI on Syria, cites that war crimes, including murder, extrajudicial killings and torture, and gross violations of international human rights, including unlawful killing, attacks against civilians and acts of sexual violence, have been committed.

Further use of chemical weapons and barrel bombs. All Christian villages of the plain were reportedly "wiped out", including three Protestant villages. In the end, the Kurdish soldiers surrendered and left the Assyrians of Tur Abdin alone, hence why the Tur Abdin region is the only Christian populated area left in Turkey outside of Istanbul.The Genocide of Christians by ISIL refers to the persecution of Christian minorities, within its region of control in Iraq, Syria and Libya by the Islamic extremist group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Assyrian genocide

We have been dedicated since march on this website and via social media to expose the terrible barbaric war crimes being committed in Syria and trying to seek justice for all the victims by keeping it fresh in the minds of those who hold the power to halt this criminal perpetual genocide over 50, children have been killed and overinjured in Syria and this must be stopped every.

This is, after all, genocide – the gravest crime against humanity under international law. ISIS is systematically eradicating Yazidis, Christians, Shia Muslims and other ethnic and religious minorities in territories controlled by the terrorist group in Syria and Iraq.

Dec 14,  · Watch video · Aleppo killings are humanitarian crisis, but not 'genocide' Here are answers to some questions about the battle and what it means for Syria's civil war, which has lasted nearly six years, led.

International efforts to quell the violence began with an Arab League observer mission sent to Syria in late but failed to end the bloodshed.

John Kerry: Isis is committing genocide in Syria and Iraq

China and Russia have vetoed four UN Security Council resolutions on Syria aimed at stemming the violence. When Genocide Watch issued its Genocide Warning for Syria in Februarythe U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights reported the death toll exceeding 5, Today, reports by the Syrian Network for Human Rights and the Damascus Centre for .

Genocide in syria
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